End-To-End OTT solution for comprehensive management of content and subscription.

A full OTT/IPTV solution. This complete end-to-end solution provides full control and flexibility in order to manage subscribers and content within a single platform.

Our hosted management system was designed specifically for Service Operators, deploying advanced OTT services Direct-To-Consumer, compatible with any type of screen - web portal, iOS and Android apps, Smart TV and STB.

Our state-of-the-art CMS platform provides our clients with a smart and fast way to stream and monetize their content for large scale audiences to access and enjoy.

The platform supports all video formats - Live, events, VOD, Series, Programs, and much more. It also provides advanced Live features, such as content replacement, dynamic EPG, metadata enrichment, and recommendation engines.

Insight’s built-in marketing tools provides our client with the ability to manage sales and marketing efforts without the need of a 3rd part software.

Our solution delivers a complete commerce structure, including transactions, subscriptions, ad-supported with dynamic product management, advanced analytics and reporting, Internal SMS, and CRM sections to manage the services and history of each customer.
Serving, distributing, and monetizing sports content

OTT solution for the world of sports production, providing an automated end-to-end solution to easily distribute and monetize sports content.

UNIV brings its premium OTT solution to the world of sports production, providing an automated end-to-end solution to easily distribute and monetize sports content.

Our platform allows clients to produce professional and recreational games and tournaments at an unprecedented cost with exceptional commercial capabilities.

  Distributing sports content requires the flexibility and speed that our solution supplies, providing the tools to reach end-users with their favored sport, anytime, anywhere. This is a powerful tool to increase fans engagement and loyalty.

We offer complementary tools for user-generated content, such as in-game tagging and personalized automatic highlights creation, in addition to game social tools, such as comments and syndication.

Our proven experience in deploying over 60 sport-dedicated OTT platforms and delivering the world's top events (FIFA World Cup 2014 & 2018, Summer Olympics 2016) provides our clients with operational peace of mind in this demanding sector.
Replacing broadcast ads with personalized ads, generating additional video streaming revenue.

This solution enables clients to deliver ads, based on users’ individual interests in a non-disruptive way.

Offering Server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion (SSAI) to replace broadcast ads with personalized ads in order to optimize streaming video revenue. This solution enables clients to display ads based on the interests of individual consumers, delivering them in a non-disruptive way. Our SSAI is available for Live and VOD, inserting programmatic inventory fill from Google AD mangers or Direct Sold ads.

AIS (Ads in Stream) unique technology identifies key processes to optimize video streaming revenue opportunities

Our solution balances monetization requirements with the ability to provide a high-quality viewing experience for viewers by leveraging server-side dynamic ad insertion.
High-end video processing products providing efficient and reliable operation

Optimized process for Live and VOD including transcoding, transmuxing, HLS manipulation, Live 2 VOD and cloud playout services.

UNIV V2 line of products offer all the necessary video processing functions for smooth, cost effective, and reliable operation.

Live 2 Live – Live stream transcoding and transmuxing, receiving any input and delivering a desired output, based on your configuration on bitrates and resolutions.

Live 2 VOD – Recoding your live stream, providing you with immediate editing capabilities, in order to create segments and clean VOD programs for distribution and syndication.

VOD 2 Live - Making a linear channel has never been easier. Allowing the use of your VOD library combined with live external feeds, creating a top-of-the-line cloud-based playout system, delivering the ability to generate out-of-the-box channels with minimum costs. This unique solution is also used for content replacement mechanism to generate parallel linear channels for international distribution.

VOD 2 VOD - The advanced world of digital production has brought us an immense amount of video formats. VOD 2 VOD provides our client with a transcoding process which standardizes the videos to a defined format to be used across the entire platform, including according to different syndications necessities.
OTT infrastructure, delivering a real-time monitoring and alarms system.

Cloud NOC service allows clients to maintain the highest quality of service, by providing

their team with round-the-clock access to monitor application performance.

Cloud NOC services allows customers to track all video streams, cloud infrastructure, CDN and hosting servers and any desirerd point on cloud infrastructure. This solution also allows clients to set up parameters and alarms in order to take preventative measures to resolve issues the moment they arise.

Our unique system analyzes hundreds of parameters in real-time to provide immediate assistance as needed.
Monetization solutions for all your needs.

F.A.S.T. Provides publishers and broadcasters that want to monetize content with a full OTT Solution, offering tools for Live, VOD advertized supported, Subscription, or Transactional content.

UNIV’s F.A.S.T solution is a powerful monetization product that allows you to easily make and manage money within the same platform. This feature provides the ability to create any type of product andoffers any type of monetization method, such as advertising-supported free content, subscriptions, and transactional content. In addition, UNIV provides merchant integration (local and international), virtual wallets for prepaid solutions, in-app purchasing, and OSS/BSS solutions. In other words, if you have content, we provide the means to make money off of it.